35th Anniversary Celebration: #4 in a Series of 35: Animal Scultptures


What are they?

They look like kitties, or doggies, or some kind of creature, right?  And they are small: 1″ x  2 “.


John began making these little guys years ago as kiln gods.  There is a potter tradition that they needed these little guys in the gas kiln to protect the pots.  In those days potters fired by sight, with no computers or thermocouples.  They used cone packs (pyrometric cones) that would indicate the temperature in the kiln and the color of the flame to monitor and adjust the kiln.

So What?

Well, our granddaughter Taylor fell in love with dinosaurs and we made alot of them.  And then John began making little guys and then these guys migrated to vases and now he is just making these cuties for people to buy and take home.  Kind of sculptural and playful all at once.

Where can I get one?  And can I ask him to make me a ferrett?

They are here in our gallery and soon in our etsy store.

And no, no special orders on these guys.  They emerge from his heart unbidden….we take what wants to emerge.


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