35th Anniversary Celebration: #5 in a Series of 35: 3 Small Pit Fired Dishes


They are cracked.

How can you sell them?


Flat pottery such as dishes, platters and tiles crack easily in a pit fire.  And those cracks are as important as the colors the surface treatments and flame put on the little dish.  They record the process.  They record the stress that dish was placed under.  They record the flame.  It could be a metaphor for our life.

No fear.  They will not break apart.  You won’t wash them.  They will sit and offer you a moment of beauty on your table, desk or wall.


What do I do with them?

Wall decoration.

On your table, dresser, desk.

As a business card holder, ring holder, small stones or shells, treasures, wrapped candies.


Why did you make them?

For you.

We noticed that our big platters and vases were, well, big.

And we like small sweet pots as well as the dramatic showy pots.

It’s fun to explore the different kinds of surfaces and shapes with the pit fire process.

So, I guess we made them for us, too.


2 thoughts on “35th Anniversary Celebration: #5 in a Series of 35: 3 Small Pit Fired Dishes

  1. I like the comment about cracks and colors being a metaphor for life! I think these would add a perfect touch of fun and function to my dresser… to collect hair pins, spare change, & earrings. The third picture is my favorite!

  2. I like the third one, too! Thanks for your comment. Your name has been entered in our monthly drawing for a mug, but if your name is chosen, you can pick one of these dishes.

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