35th Anniversary Celebration: #7 in a Series of 35: Mugs 2009

New Mug Styles and Handles


John likes to mix it up on occasion and this year he has changed his handles

and made our mugs a little taller, a little leaner and a little more sexy,

with curves and all.


Travel with style

Our 2009 version of the favorite travel mug.

And a great new glaze.  It sparkles in the sunshine.


This and more

at our etsy store or here, in our gallery….

where the hot pots are chillin’.


6 thoughts on “35th Anniversary Celebration: #7 in a Series of 35: Mugs 2009

  1. I LOVE these mugs, John. Coffee is a wonderful part of my working life. I really like having it in unusual mugs that make me feel special. I love unique handmade items and buy as many of them as I can afford. I have the privilege of working at home, across the “office” from my husband, so your travel mug would see the sunshine when I’m taking a break on the deck, rather than in the car. It would mainly “travel” from my kitchen to my office, to my art room and back. I will bookmark your site and return often to enjoy what you’ve created next. :0) Linda Lewis

  2. Thanks much! I look forward to seeing more of your work too. Your name will be entered into our drawing.

  3. A customer once told us that this glaze was like a party! I liked that. Thanks for stopping. Your name is entered into our drawing.

  4. Love the blue travel mug! It would work great for my travels all around Door County. You do such a great job with updating your site, blog, twitter etc … I am aspiring to do the same!

  5. Thanks, Denise…
    And love the changes you’ve made in the Fish Creek property.
    Your name is in the drawing!

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