35th Anniversary Celebration: #8 in a Series of 35: Glazes are not all created equal


Travel Mug in Ash, Blue and Iron glaze.

And yes, the ash is truly wood ash.  It’s from our wood stove (we are not aging hippies, we have been green before anyone called frugality a color) which heats our house, studio and gallery. An ash glaze has a comfortable feel and rich colors.


Curvy Mug in Fake Ash and Green

Ok, so, now the truth is out.  There is no wood ash in this glaze at all.  None.  And yet, it looks and feels so much like the mug up there.  How is it possible?

Simple.  Glaze chemistry.  Yes, chemistry.

Simply put, the ingredients or materials of each glaze ( which is glass, now, remember?) acts a certain way because of chemistry.  So, if you know how the materials and ingredients work, you can create a formula and get the same kind of result as if you used wood ash.

Fake is the best we came up with as a name.  I wanted to change it, but after lengthy discussions, John and I decided that naming it Fake gave us an opportunity to show rather than tell our customers something exciting.



Curvy Mug in Satin Matte & Cobalt Blue

Shiny.  Glossy.  Liquid.  “Looks like the bay and the beach.”

Some prefer a flat or matte glaze and some like the shiny.  I love them all.  And this one, when I am holding it with my morning coffee or afternoon tea, really reminds me of the summer, the water and the beach.  And it feels as ‘sexy’ as the shape is.


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