35th Anniversary Celebration: #11 in a Series of 35: Bowls: Their Disappearing Lines Draw You In

Bowlsbowl (fasg)

We can’t make enough of these beautifully shaped bowls in the gallery.


The disappearing line.


When you hold one of John’s bowls you notice right away the weight of the bowl.

A customer asked, “Why is it so light?”

“Because John knows what he’s doing.”

After 35 years here and 42 years working/playing with clay, he says he’s finally getting the hang of this potting thing.


Take a look at this bowl, at the line reaching into the universe.  Imagine that line going on and on.

Never really disappearing.

An optical illusion?  Or just the idea that the line goes on and on.  It’s an appealing shape just for that reason.


John also decorates his bowls three ways, once again using lines.

There is the swirly and the across brush work.


And then the cosmic, once more using the line to create a feeling.

This is where John moves from being an artisan to an artist.


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