35th Anniversary Celebration: #13 in a Series of 35: Little Vases

When we make small hand built vases for the pit I keep the whole process simple and a bit primitive. I want the process to stay 10,000 years old, despite my technological advances.
I start with a ball of clay and then roll it out, so I have a short stubby ‘log’ of clay, approximately 4″ long.
Then I use a wooden dowel and push it all the way through that log of clay and then roll the clay out, attempting to keep the walls of the vase even.
The cracks and folds, the unevenness stays. I want those imperfections to show the process of making this vase.
I then have only a log of clay with a big hole all the way through it.
I make the bottom by taking a circular piece of clay that had been rolled out using my slab roller. The I set the log upright on the clay, pushing it down so it sticks (I do score and use slip) and then roll the edges as you can see here.
Then, I use a small paddle to tap everything together.


2 thoughts on “35th Anniversary Celebration: #13 in a Series of 35: Little Vases

  1. Hi – I enjoyed reading about your pit fired vase technique.

    I wish more people would try pit firing. I used to do it with my scout troop years ago.

    The photo of the #13 vase was very interesting. And the design really adds to the piece. Thank you for sharing this. One of these days I hope to come and visit your gallery again. I live in Kentucky and am a beginning potter.

    Do I get to put my name in to the drawing? I hope so!

  2. Of course your name is entered.
    Thanks for your interesting comments on our work. Keep Potting!

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