35th Anniversary Celebration: #20 in a Series of 35: Pit Firing Parties

Today a couple came in to the gallery. They had ‘won’ a silent auction last year and the piece they had bid on was one of John’s larger vases. They loved it. We loved that they had supported the Francis Hardy Center for the Arts in Ephraim by bidding on our pot. The room was full of love. I love our life here when this happens.

They saw the information I have posted about our pit firing workshops, which start in a few weeks, and she gushed over this.

treating pots

treating pots

“Read this,” she told her husband.  He mentioned that it was a clever idea.  I thought so too, and agreed with him.

And then, one of those magical conversations ensued, the upshot of it was that she asked if we would give them a private pit fire workshop for her family on the weekend (we have always said no to weekends) as a 50th wedding anniversary activity for their whole family.

I said, then you should bring food and turn it into a party for your family.  “We’ll do it.  When?”

Mid August.

Well, I said great.  Give me a call with the total number of people.  Done!

Then I had to tell John.  August is a jam-packed month for us and I was worried his reaction wouldn’t be as relaxed as mine.  Actually the truth is I am not relaxed about this.  I think my heart is in my stomach and my stomach is bouncing around.  Am I crazy?!


So, instead of canceling the party and wincing at my brazenness I thought I would let everyone know we love to do this, and the serendipitous chance to host a family event like this has made me a little reckless.

If you think you would like to do this, give us a call and we’ll see if we can fit you in.


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