Potters of Door County: Abe Cohn and The Potter’s Wheel

Abe Cohn's Pots

Master Potter Abe Cohn started out painting well over 50 years ago, but clay drew him in and never let go.

He founded The Potter’s Wheel in Milwaukee, WI many years before opening his studio and gallery, also The Potter’s Wheel in Fish Creek, WI.  Several years ago, Abe and his wife Ginka moved to Fish Creek.

Abe, Ginka, and his assistant John Dietrich (of us!) co-founded the Door County Potters Guild in the late 1970’s.

Today the Guild’s membership is strong and growing with the two new members who joined last fall.  All members exemplify what many have learned about potters: that they support each other in their art and they love getting into it!  (Clay, of course.)


2 thoughts on “Potters of Door County: Abe Cohn and The Potter’s Wheel

  1. Is this the same Abe Cohn who shared a house on Rue Adele in Clarmart outside Paris in 1949-’50 with my wife, Beata, and me, and Shinkichi Tajiri, Huigh Townley, and Simon Vinkenoog, and some other aspiring young art students?

  2. I checked with John Dietrich who worked with Abe in the 70’s and he confirms that it’s the same guy. They have a website, and I’ll send the link via email.

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