Pottery Bowl by John Dietrich

Handmade Ceramics and pottery on Etsy – Bowl by ellisonbaypottery.


This was thrown and fired in 2008 by John.

Copper red glazes have a reputation for being difficult to achieve, and that’s true for us, too.

It’s food safe and red delicious apples or ripe tomatoes look luscious in it.


2 thoughts on “Pottery Bowl by John Dietrich

  1. Hi! Discovered your website and found the “Pit firing” class to be interesting. I would like to sign-up for a class in the near future. I saw that you wrote a book about pit firing. I would like to buy it, but I rather not do it over the internet through Etsy for this one item. I trust you have copies at your shop? I guess I can wait until I take your class although I am anxious to read it. 🙂 I heard about pit firing for the first time about a year ago and found it fasinating. I’m not an artist, but I think it is something I would enjoy doing. Is there some other way I can obtain a copy of your book without ordering it over the internet? Otherwise I’ll just wait until I visit Door County and hopefully take your class. Love Door County!!! 🙂 Thanks, Sue

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