Pottery and Inspiration

I’m excited because today I actually get to play in the studio for the first time in weeks.

I began a tile project, oh, I don’t know, it seems like years ago.  Then I got busier with this job thingy I have so I forgot about them.   I usually work when they are leather hard, but they are bone dry now  and the question I am grappling with is how to  decorate them.  I’ve decided that I will pit fire them and then create art or turn them into coasters, which ever works when they are completed.  This is both a good and bad strategy.

When I work on the fly that means I am loose and can go with the flow and then have a product I can sell, to pay those bills we have.

When I plan ahead that means there is thought, perhaps qualifying it more as art than as luck.  And planning ahead means I will have something of substance, some piece of art to feel proud of.

So, when we plan ahead, we have an idea, right?  The question asked many times here is where do you get your motivation?  Your Ideas?  What drives you to the studio each day.  And we say Money.  We are in it for the money, honey.

But that’s not totally accurate.  Of course we are making functional work for people to use.  That’s an easy one.  And we will never run out of ideas to try, shapes to explore, glazes to test.

When we think of art, though, we are looking at our medium differently.  There is something we are trying to say through clay.  This take a different set of skills, and one of them is getting out of our own way and letting that something special reach our consciousness.

Perhaps letting our muse out of the “make product” world and into the “touch people’s minds, hearts and souls” world.


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