In Development: Professional Pit Fire Workshops

You know how change sneaks up on you, and then BAM! suddenly you have to think differently?

It’s happening here.

Although we have had potters stumble upon us here just as we were beginning a pit fire demo, and then the talk of clay and kilns and materials end up on the porch with snacks and wine, we gave little serious thought or planning to developing a serious workshop for professional potters and art teachers.

This subject has been a topic of conversation in between all the other tasks in the studio: glazing, trimming, cleaning, etc.  And we would talk about it on the way to art shows; the only time it seems these days we are together with few interruptions.

But now, we need to focus and take it seriously, because people are emailing, calling and stopping expressing  the desire to fire their own work with us.

We want to accomodate everyone, of course, because we believe in the power of clay and sharing all that we have learned.  And we always learn something, too, of course.

Wish I had a photo of us thinking and talking and writing things down, but you know what that looks like.


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