Olde Ellison Bay Days This Weekend


by Robert Bentley, Ellison Bay Artist Ellison Bay Artist Robert Bentley

And the first festival of the summer in Door County is here, in Ellison Bay.

All the events have been lovingly passed down year to year, an Ellison Bay Tradition for about 100 years. Things change, we all know that, but the Friday Talent Show goes on, this year at the Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church at the top of the Ellison Bay Hill. There is an Ice Cream Social following and all during the evening is a Third World Bazaar which has treasures and pretties for everyone.

Saturday morning is our PARADE and there is still time to enter a float, in fact just show up early Saturday morning at the field across from the Historical Society.  That’s all you need to know, you’ll see the chaos and people!   And there are cash prizes for the best of each category (TBA, I’m not on the committee, so I remember it’s Best Business, Best etc…) The parade begins at 10 which is also the time when the Art Show begins at the Ellison Bay Women’s Club Beach Park.  Yes, there is a children’s playground there, a nice clean beach, grilling and picnic facilities and a tennis court.  Food provided by local service clubs include brats, beer, soda, french fries and whitefish sandwiches.  AND strawberry shortcake, not to be missed.

The ART SHOW, open both Saturday and Sunday, hosts artists from Wisconsin and beyond.  John will be there, like he has for over 30 years.  Diane will be in the gallery, so come down and say ‘hey’ to either one of us as you enjoy the day.

Music, a big part of Olde Ellison Bay Days is of course prominent this year, too.  Music at the Gazebo on Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

The Ellison Bay Service Club is the organizer of this annual event and this is how the group raises money for the community.  In the past the Olde Ellison Bay Days was the biggest project of the Ellison Bay Men’s Club, which just two years ago morphed into the Service Club, and now the Ellison Bay Womens’ Club has also become part of the Service Club.  You can see we are changing, just like the world around us.

The Gazebo at the Park was one of the Men’s Club projects, as was the shelter at the Fitzgerald Park; uniforms for the our Little League; money for the soccer team; benches and gardens around the town, and medical equipment for the EMTs and Firehouse.   Since the Service Club was organized, large flower barrels dot the town, recycling containers are available to all, especially during the Festival; a Trunk Sale was started in the spring; a tree was planted as a memorial to John Mahoney, one of Ellison Bay’s ardent supporters and a diligent and conscientious volunteer.

So, start your summer by coming up to Ellison Bay for the festivities, visit the Pioneer Store, the local galleries, the great restaurants and take a swim.



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