Einstein and Being

There are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable; life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only Being. – Albert Einstein

amidabuddha.org – Daily Meditation.

When I am in the studio, or writing in my favorite chair, there are moments like this for me.  Present in the moment, the edges of me dissolve and I am aware of the nothing-ness of me.  The everything of me.  Becoming aware of that of course ends it.


One thought on “Einstein and Being

  1. I have often commented on the similarities between throwing pots and meditating for me. When meditating one often focuses on the breath, when throwing one focuses on the clay but in both we lose focus on the past and the future, all that is happening is the present moment. This is one of the reasons I enjoy throwing so much. It’s very peaceful, calming, and (of course) centering.
    I wasn’t aware of this saying by Einstein but it really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing it.

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