Another Pit Fire Workshop Story

We had several families today and couples and it was fun.  I wish I had been there the whole time, but the gallery needed my attention.

One girl decided to get very detailed with her pieces, so I gave her some fine brushes and she drew an elaborate fish design on both pieces.  This was a first.

Several boys chose leaves on their vases and it seemed to me they had some interesting ideas.

What I like the most is seeing people who know nothing about pottery or the materials figure things out and process the new information and then, with a leap of faith, try something new.   There is a certain faith in us, which I forget on occassion, but more importantly, there is a faith in the process of discovery.

I want to record this with both photos and video, interview them.  Pin this down.  But I won’t.  That would force the issue, maybe cause them to think too much.  And here, with this process we embrace so thoroughly, thinking can kill whatever we are stepping out of the way to attain.

Pit Fire Wednesdays feed my creative soul.  They get an experience, and I get to share it.


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