How Did You Make Your Customers Feel?

Why do I want to discuss this?  Because I deal with customers all the time, and ours is a service industry.

We want to make people happy.

If you think about selling pottery as just how many pots you sell, or how much money you make everyday, which I do, it’s easy to forget that these lovely people are looking for something to make themselves or someone else happy.

Which then in turn makes me happy.

But, thinking about only the money makes me unhappy with each person who doesn’t buy something; in fact I know that many artists end up with hurt feelings.  I guess since money is tight, I do find myself thinking about this.

So remember: They’re just not into your pottery, art, furniture or sweater.  It’s not personal.  They are looking for a match made in heaven and they are the only ones who know what it is when they find it.

How Did You Make Your Customers Feel?.


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