Rainy Days in Door County

I know, you are on vacation and a rainy day ruins any chance you have to sit in the sun, sip whatever and relax.  I would be crabby, too, if I had anticipated this vision of the perfect day.

But, since it is rainy here today, Plan B goes into effect.  There are plenty of small cozy coffee shops that also serve food: Blue Horse in Fish Creek; Leroys in Ephraim; Drink and Base Camp in Sister Bay and Deweys GT Coffee in Gills Rock, which has the added attraction of ART right next door. For more coffee houses around the county click here .

I like Dewey’s and Base Camp, good coffee and in my neighborhood, and you know they each have their own personalities.  We are lucky to have so many.

I would take today and hit all the fine art and fine craft galleries I haven’t been to.  Here’s a link for all the ones in Door County.  My favorites include PKJ Designs for jewelry (Ephraim); The Potter’s Wheel for pottery (Fish Creek); Edgewood Orchard for glass (Fish Creek); What’s Next for clothing (wearable art being one of my passions) (Fish Creek); RD Bentley for an engaging art experience (Ellison Bay); Turtle Ridge awesome leather and recycled clothing (Ellison Bay). Oh, and us, of course.  Come see our pottery, too.

Walk in the park.  Seriously, when it is gray and gloomy with a light drizzle, the colors are intense and the smells transport you to your childhood, or should, when you would play outside no matter what the weather.  And your feet and shoes will dry out.


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