Ellison Bay Arts announces 2009 Art Crawl Oct. 24 & 25

Northern Door County is the home of much natural beauty, which has drawn thousands of people to enjoy and refresh for over 150 years.  It’s also been the home of artists, with artist colonies forming for a variety of reasons.  In fact, each little community has it’s own personality, character and flavor.  Ellison Bay and the rest of Northern Door is one such place.

In fact, Ellison Bay is the closest to how Door County used to be, in a slower time.  Artists spend their days creating and selling their work, many times in the same building they live in.  Art is a way of life for these creatives.  Sometimes there is no separation between their home and work life.

Twice a year the members of the Ellison Bay Arts group open their studios to the public to share the processes they are intimately involved with and to allow art lovers to get an in depth view of just a moment of the artist’s life, process.

This cultural event has grown over the years to include the Clearing and Savory Spoon, places to explore other creative expressions.  Each year the artists work hard to have new works, tasty morsels and a bit of education, along with a chance to win a piece of art at each gallery.

Full Schedule of events and close ups of each gallery on the Ellison Bay Arts Group blog. Also, links to each one are on our blog roll.  Each gallery and school will also have a showcase mention as the day approaches.


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