Rainy Days in Door County in October

First, it’s not snowing.  That’s what we say when we want to make ourselves feel better about the cold and damp.

Then we calculate how many inches of rain we’ve had. and how that equals so many inches of snow.

And hold our mugs with both hands, wearing fleece vests, wishing we could wear our hats in doors.  My friend Marc does wear his Packer hat inside, and my Mom used to.  I did yesterday, the first day of my fever.  I’m a little warmer now.

I love the rain.  The plants are happy, I am happy.  I know that sounds tree-hugger-ee, but I do.  I can feel the plants sucking up all the rain, wishing it could store it for next July, when we will again have a drought.  My joints don’t like the rain, but that’s what drugs are for.

John opened the kiln this afternoon.  The orders are done, the tray (an order) didn’t warp, the colors look good and we have mugs.  John is busy sanding the feet and pricing the pots.  I am here, resting, thinking about a nap.  Pitchers, bowls, goblets, small dishes, soup mugs.  Lots of those.  Tomorrow another firing and we can open that on Saturday.  Two in one week: that’s well over 400 pieces in both.  No wonder we are tired!

Rainy days are good for constructing the lanterns I should be working on, which I may get to tomorrow.  I should get to tomorrow.  The clay dries slowly, so I can take my time putting together the project for our workshop next week with the high school kids.  A nap will help and I can start on that later.

If I were here, wandering around, I would look into coffee shops, galleries, book stores, cooking stores.  I would curl up with a book and nap.  Rainy days are good for people too.  Soak it up.


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