Ellison Bay Arts Hosts Holiday Open House

A small group of artists host a Thanksgiving Open House each year.

Clay Bay Pottery, the first gallery you will see on Hwy 42 will have special items and great cookies to fuel your search for that unique gift.

Next: Newport House Gallery: who features Bob Guge and his bird carvings for Holiday gift giving.

bob guge bird carving

bob guge bird carving

Across the street is Gills Rock Stoneware and their beautiful pottery.  And, perhaps, bread baking in the wood-fired oven.

Down Mink River Rd is Turtle Ridge Studio and Gallery, full of leather bags and recycled clothing.

Grab Tote Patent

Grab Tote Patent

Backtracking, now, go up Garret Bay Road to find both The Clearing and Ellison Bay Pottery.

The Clearing, an adult education and retreat center will have special hours and refreshments.

Ellison Bay Pottery will have hot cider and nibbles along with special pit fired lanterns, to be revealed the weekend before in Milwaukee and then Thanksgiving weekend.  Also, ikebanas,

ikebana bnc



tur goblet


casseroles (very popular for gifts). 

Only at Ellison Bay Pottery will you find a Door County Resident discount worth 10%.  This is for all past, present and future residents.  For those only visiting, we offer free shipping to make your holiday gift giving a little easier.

Can’t get here?  Shop our etsy shop, the free shipping will be yours!

via Ellison Bay Arts Hosts Thanksgiving Open House – Ellison Bay Arts.

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