Find great pottery in Ellison Bay, Door County

A map to Ellison Bay Pottery Door County Peninsula.

Curvy mug (smb)

It’s worth the drive to northern Door County.  Not only will you find great pottery at affordable prices, there are several restaurants (Mink River Basin, Viking Grille, and T. Ashwell’s).

There are two other potteries in Ellison Bay, their links are on my blog roll. Check out Clay Bay Pottery and Gills Rock Stoneware.

Across from Gills Rock Stoneware is the Newport House, full of folk art, outsider art and wood carvings, a lovely place to find something to buy and bring home. (link in blog roll)

Down Mink River Road is Turtle Ridge studio and gallery-fabulous leather work, bags to crave and recycled clothing. (blog roll)

The  Pioneer Store, which constitutes the backbone of our town, is open every day.  One of the last full service gas stations is down town- Ellison Bay Service.

The bookstore Caxton Books is open on weekends, it’s a used book store lover’s used book store.

You can always find something to bring home from our gallery, and you can also have a small tour of our studio.

Come up, we’ll help you find that perfect gift.


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