Handmade Ikebana

Ikebana, or the art of Japanese flower arranging, takes you from just sliding the bouquet of flowers and other greens into a vase to being in the moment, almost meditating, while you arrange each flower, each twig or branch, each piece of grass, creating a moment of space and peace, both while creating and each time you look at your creation.
Some examples of our vision of an ikebana ‘vase’ are here.  We have more glazes in the gallery, soon uploaded on etsy and always available to order.
Inside these ikebanas is a frog, a heavy metal circular thing with lots of sharp needle type things to support your flowers.
The ikebana we make is for you to use while getting into a meditative frame of mind, or spirit and create that beautiful and unusual holiday table display.

Ikebana – Matte Black with bronze highlights

Ikebana-Fake Ash and Super Green

Ikebana-Bare Naked Clay


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