True Cow Tales – Edited by C. R. Lindemer

About the Book

For the love of Bessie, grab a glass of milk, pull up a comfy chair, and partake of a cow tale or two!

These 40 stories by farmers and ranchers in the U.S. and Canada will open your eyes to what really goes on in those pastoral scenes with Holsteins, Jerseys, and other cattle breeds. Read about a 101-year-old cowgirl, close calls with bulls, cows and cops, steer roping, cattle branding, herds escaping, and the lovely dairy princesses promoting the healthful dairy industry.

Be an armchair traveler with “Miss Lait” (Miss Milk) on her 1954 trip to France, meet a cow called “Grandma,” read up on milking cows with baseball players, and see how butter magically turns into the likenesses of princesses. Meet “Patty” and “Paige” – – the Mother’s Day cows, follow “Ferdy” the friendly bull, and learn about “Lulu” – – on the loose.

True Cow Tales is a true joy to read.  If you have an association with livestock agriculture you will enjoy these short stories and poems. These brought back many memories of growing up on our family farm. True Cow Tales ought to be a part of everyone’s family library and should be shared over and over.”

Ken Rahjes, Farm Broadcaster for KRVN Radio, Lexington, Nebraska

“As the world is further removed from agriculture, it’s increasingly important to learn more about your sources of food, fiber and fuel. True Cow Tales is a truly moo-ving tribute to the beef and dairy industries, from the joy of buying your first cow and naming her Patty – yes, Cow Patty – to the wonder of watching a cow nurse an orphaned calf to the sorrow of no longer being able to financially support your farm. This anthology vividly depicts the importance of agriculture through a collection of stories and poems about the lives of farm animals and the dedicated people who care for them.”

James Henry, AgriNews Publications Executive Editor

“This anthology is an interesting gathering of a wide variety of stories and reminiscences regarding acquaintances and encounters with cattle.”

Heather Smith Thomas, rancher and author of Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle (1998); Essential Guide to Calving (2008); Cattle Health Handbook (2009); and more than 9000 stories and articles about cattle and horses.

Ever moo to a cow – – or try not to? You may love cows more than you even realized.

Whether you’ve worked with cattle, milked cows, branded steers, or not, if you ever yearned to farm or manage a ranch, you’ll enjoy these heartwarming and dramatic stories. Whatever your mood, you’ll find a tale in this book that will entertain you or bring you good cheer.

You can change a milking machine, change a tractor tire, switch buggy drivers, but the big change will come from reading this book. It will change your life…for the butter.

For a laugh, check out “Cattle Sillies.” Need some adventure? Then turn to “Bovine Drama.” Favorite cows are the theme of a chapter by that name. For a walk down “memory lane,” flip to “Bovine Wistfulness.” And for something quite different, enter the world of “Dairy Princesses” and meet the beautiful young women who love cows and spend an entire year of their lives promoting the dairy industry and handing out milk and cheese samples. Cheddar anyone?

The authors of these stories come from across the U.S. and Canada, including stories and poems from folks in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, the Dakotas, and other states. A farmer from Ontario writes the most northerly of the chillier tales.

Did you think you knew everything about beef cattle and dairy cattle? Read on…

Envision striking imagery of farmers’ and ranchers’ lives for the first time, reminisce about your summers at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm, or go back to the cavernous hay barn or the sprawling, sun-drenched ranch that you know and love – – which is where you really want to be. Follow your “inner moo.” Read these stories for old time’s sake, or just come along for the ride. And don’t forget to drink your milk!

Cow stories are the best. I sure miss mine. Cows, I mean.

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