The Romance of Handmade Pottery Goblets

Goblets with Snow on Cherries glaze

Goblets with Snow on Cherries glaze

Drinking wine from these goblets makes that special moment more special.  Frozen pizza and a bagged salad looks and tastes better on handmade pottery.

We love having people over. In our house nothing in our cupboards match.  That way people can pick their goblet of the evening.

For those of you who drink only soda, think of the ice tinkling in these and the sparkly bubbles escaping into your nose as you anticipate that bite from your beverage.  Now really, how can you resist that?

No, you don’t need a red goblet for red wine and a white goblet for white or a glass goblet.

Goblet with Anaga a  Bl e glaze

Goblet with Anagama & Blue glaze
Goblets with Oribe Glaze

Goblets with Oribe Glaze

You need to find your color or glaze and enjoy all the sensual aspects of drinking that lovely wine.  In a handmade goblet.Made by John.  For YOU.

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You need this gift and fast check out Etsy or call us 920-740-5859
920-854-5049. We are here to help. 🙂  There are more goblets in our studio…give us a call.


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