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Crafts on from local artisans

Shop Local on Etsy
By: Shari Gollnitz

Once upon a time when shopping for handmade/crafty items, it meant we’d have to wait for the warmer weather and an arts/crafts fair to snag a unique piece of pottery, an art print or handmade jewelry. With the invention of Etsy we no longer have to wait – all we have to do is click and we are taken to the largest arts/crafts/handmade fair in cyberspace.

For those not familiar with the ever-popular Etsy “your place to buy and sell all things handmade”, I suggest you click on over to and make its acquaintance. The site was launched in 2005 and allows artisans and crafters to set up their own virtual storefronts featuring their handcrafted items. If you are new to Etsy it can be intimidating and dizzying, as the online community now boasts more than 193,000 sellers. You can find anything from pet accessories, to hand printed stationary, to jewelry, to toys.

The Etsy members have made it easy to find that special item you’re looking for by offering certain ways to shop on their “Buy” page. You can search particular categories such as art, jewelry or needlecraft. Or you can search by seller, color, newest items added, and featured items. What many folks don’t know is that you can also shop locally on Etsy. Etsy features a “Shop Local” category where you can enter a particular town/city or even general area, such as Western New York, and you will see a list of local sellers. Now you can shop locally without leaving the comforts of home.

Believe me, once you start looking you’ll be hooked! So, sit back, relax, go check out Etsy and support your local artisans.

Can’t drive here? Call us or try Etsy..


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