EVENT! — Kiln Opening Thursday July 15 from 11a-4p

Ellison Bay Pottery’s Kiln Opening Map

Featuring Door County Goblets and Door County Cups

John started the firing today, around 6:45 am and it should be done before 5:00 pm.  The kiln had 209 pieces in it.

Vases, goblets, tall and short mugs, covered dishes-large and small, bowls, window lanterns.  There might be other items, but I my memory has glazed over.  It’s a long process we go through to get these pieces ready for a firing.

Right now it’s in reduction.  That means John has reduced the amount of oxygen which increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere of the kiln.  That’s how we get our color palette which is a warm one.  High fired gas stoneware is just one kind of high fired pottery.

It’s been over 4 months since our last firing, all due to John’s knee replacement.  Two months were spent rehabbing that knee.  We’ve been hustling ever since to get our firings back on schedule.  Here’s a link to a map to help you find us.  Directions: Hwy 42 north of Sister Bay.  Once in Downtown Ellison Bay, take the first left (Garrett Bay Rd.) past the Viking Restaurant.  Go 1/4 mile and our sign is on the right.


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