Two Sculptures ‘Six Figures Dancing’ and ‘Inside/Outside’


Dimension in Door County: Form Transcending Function

Saturday, September 4 — Tuesday, October 12
Opening Reception: Friday, September 3, 5:30 – 7 pm

The Hardy Gallery “opens the door” to a fresh vision of three-dimensional work created by Door County artists. In addition to showcasing a wide variety of materials, techniques, and subject matter, the exhibit will also explore the artistic process used to create the works.

John’s Process

“I took this opportunity to expose the inner life of a pot, which to me has always been alive.  I was initially inspired by Japanese pottery fishnet floats.  A closed pottery sphere can float and when I deconstructed them I transformed them into a new floating object,” said John.

“In both ‘Six Figures Dancing‘ and ‘Inside/Outside’,   I threw cylinders or vessels and when they were partially dried, I cut them lengthwise in half and then flattened them by throwing them on a board, thereby changing the form and purpose. Although they no longer held air, they nonetheless floated,” he continued.  “I also wanted to draw the viewer’s attention to the vitality of the thrown cylinder or vessel by exposing the interior.  My intention for ‘Six Figures Dancing’ is that the ultimate custodian of this work can arrange and re-arrange the positions of the dancers. ‘Inside/Outside’ is fixed, however.”

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Link to Etsy where you can buy these sculptures and more.


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