HandMade Goodness: Etsy Treasury:Inspiring Art 1

Inspiring Art 1 by ellisonbaypottery on Etsy.

One of the ‘side jobs’ on Etsy is to market yourself.  It takes time, as does all marketing.  The trick is to make it fun.  I want to learn something and this fulfills one of my daily goals.

And I like that Treasuries give back to the Arts and Craft movement.

So, I decided it was time to create my own Treasury.  I remember the warm feeling I had when I first found I had been included.  I wanted to spread the love.

First decision?  A theme.  I wanted a theme, so I could come up with a catchy title.

We are potters, so why not pottery?  I did some research and learned that there were many clever, witty and interesting titles and Treasuries out there.

Some of my ideas were:

My Favorites, discarded because I couldn’t care less and I suspected others might not, either.  Who was I that others would see my choices meant anything.

Colors: Ok, a theme around colors.  Done and done and done again. Also discarded were holiday themes, gender themes, and functionality themes.

Then, while wandering around Etsy, and I recommend everyone try that for fun, just to see what’s going on, I ran across something that took my breath away.  I looked at more in her shop.  I wanted to make something, not like it, but because of it.  I wanted to stop what I was doing and walk to the studio and get my hands in clay and make, make, make. And that’s how I came up with my theme.

Inspiring Art and Craft.


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