Name Your Favorite Pot OR Tell Us What You’d Like To See

Handless Cups or Yunomi and small Mugs

Maybe you like these cups?

Handless Cups or Yunomi

Or maybe these cookie jars?  in this appealing, sparkly Turquoise Green (oribe) glaze?

Wine Cooler, 2 goblets, 2 yunomi, cookie jar

Maybe you fell in love with our pit fired room?

Pit Fired Ceramics

Or these?

Dancers - Pit Fired Sculpture

Some people like this one the best


But, we’d miss her right away.

Tell us what you loved or what you would like to see.

The best one will get a coupon for a free small travel mug, redeemable by phone or in person.

Check out our Etsy store for ideas

or this mug display

Small, medium and large mugs


47 thoughts on “Name Your Favorite Pot OR Tell Us What You’d Like To See

  1. I’d like a soup mug, with a little bit of blue in it, because I love soup mugs, for soup. The ceramic keeps the soup warmer for longer and blue is my favorite color!

  2. Good morning! I love your teapots. I haven’t seen any cookware, though. Like casserole dishes, things of that nature. Do you ever throw things like that?

    I hope you’re having a good close to 2010. So excited to return to Door County and visit you in 2011!

  3. Thanks for your comment Kathryn, We do have baking covered dishes. I’ll post photos soon. And thanks, too, for subscribing.

  4. my favorites are the handleless mugs..and i broke my last one that matches my husband :(, but in the evening..i also love my wine glass…

  5. I suppose if I said “lighthouses” I wouldn’t win a cup! But how about teeny tiny tea sets for granddaughters?

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  7. I replied on Facebook saying the little cups but seeing the pictures I changed my mind. I love the wine chillers! It’s so fun to take out a bottle of wine in one of those to serve to friends. Also, they are great for utensil holders.

  8. Hi Katherine, Thanks for BOTH your comments! Your name is entered in the drawing. Which glaze do you like the best?

  9. Hey, Jill, thanks for your comment. We have several green glazes have to see them to believe them! Your name is on the list.

  10. I’m actually having company for New Year’s Eve–and using my copper red and gray dinnerware! I don’t do that often enough.

  11. I think you should do some things for gardens (either with your lovely green and blue glazes or pitfired), such as 12-15″ building structures with windows and/or doors, with or without roofs, in groupings. I got this idea from seeing John’s exciting new sculpture pieces.

    My favorite piece from you all is a small paddled teabowl-sized pot that Diane handbuilt, textured, and then pitfired. I hold that thing whenever I walk past it in our living room. It’s such a strong little pot. Thanks for it!

  12. I love your glaze choices, on almost every single piece, and I wish you had landscaping tiles….for walls…that create entire colorscapes for mixing and matching….maybe size or color tone (warm or cool) to choose from…..sculpted and glazed…..I guess you’d call it wall texturing with art! That’s what I wish you had! (I left this on your Facebook notation, too, because if you don’t make these, *I’M* going to have to make them for myself, and yours would be so much nicer! Happy New Year to you all!

  13. I really liked the green turtle serving dish we bought for my sister who is an avid scuba diver – she loved it too.

  14. Hi Marc, thanks for your comment. You set a beautiful table, bet the food will be wonderful, too.

  15. Hi Grainne, Thanks for your comment, and compliment. I liked that piece, too. We’ve had ‘yard art’ on the list for a while, now.

  16. Hi Mimi,
    Thanks for your comment. Tiles are a whole different animal…lots to ponder with this suggestion.
    Happy New Year to you and everyone else.

  17. Green is one of our newer glazes, and we love hearing how happy people are with our work. Thanks for your comment.

  18. We really like the hand less coffee or tea mugs-Fun to use and very pretty-always reminds us of the nice times and friendly people in Door county –

  19. Hi. In November we purchased two Handless Cups, we call them tea cups, and delivered them along with your brochure as Christmas presents to our son and his wife who now live in Amman, Jordan. Jonathan grew up in Door County, working summers at various restaurants. He appreciates reminders of this favorite place in the world, even as he works abroad. Your cups have traveled! Thanks. Mike and Marcia

  20. Tom and Bev asked me to post this for them via email…here is their story:

    Hi friends,
    I am not up to speed pertaining to all the computer tools and toys, so please accept my comments about our favorite product of yours this way. Attached is a photo of our two mugs without handles that are use very often. We enjoy serving our dessert of ice cream in them. The extra delight is as you are finishing the ice cream and some of it has melted, is trying to get the last drops of the ice cream onto your spoon. Turning the mug different ways so you get the largest “puddle” of ice cream in the best corner. The last straw is to add several teaspoons of the coffee to the mug, swirl the mug around a bit, and then drink the last few drops.
    We look forward to seeing both of you in 2011. Enjoy the Holiday time!
    Tom and Bev

  21. And here is Polly’s comment

    ‘John, I really like the shape of the tea pot but the fear of the lovely curved handle getting broken prevents me from buying it.’

  22. Happy New Year,
    Hey w/ Ichiban .. Don’t you need some ceramic smooth black, grey, & / or white ” stones for the presentation?
    But you know that…..
    Anyways…again Happy, Happy…. See you in 2011…
    XOX Susie & Mike

  23. Thanks Mike and Susie, for your comment. In answer to your question-maybe. We’ve seen several presentations. And that gives us one more idea…thanks again.

  24. loved your butter thrones, made great xmas gifts….after using them with homemade butters, wondering, since you are in the cheese country, if you make the same thing in a slightly larger size length and width for a nice slab of cheese to cut???? would love to see one… of course I do not know what it intails to make in the pottery biz.
    thanks tho… just wondering…

    happy and succesful 2011
    Diane Dougherty

  25. Cheese Throne! You should see John’s thinking cap, it lit up. Thanks Diane and Happy New Year, your name is on the list.

  26. I’m not sure if I can pick just ONE!! The styles, the glazes and the love that occupy them all are so wonderful!! I think of you guys every time I wrap my hands around my unusually large mug I bought last August! I love it! Envious co-workers at the library, startled patrons make way when I fill that baby up! Thanks guys!! 😀

  27. Holy Cow! I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love hearing this. Thanks for your comment, your name is on the list.

  28. I *love* Diane Dougherty’s idea of a ‘cheese throne’. I served some flatbread, cheese and fig spread on a Pfaltzgraff platter, for lack of a better plate. Not very classy, but it served it’s purpose. A beautiful EBP platter with matching wine glasses would be awesome!

  29. Heidi-Lynn, thanks for your ‘2nd’ for the cheese throne…And your fig spread, yummy idea with cheese. Which cheese did you serve? Your name is on the list.

  30. I love the serving bowls and platters and am most intrigued with the copper red color although the Turquoise Green (oribe) glaze on that cookie jar in an above picture is very cool too. While they are functional they are also very beautiful works of art. I keep mine out where I can see them all year long. They bring a smile to my face remembering where they were purchased, who I was with etc., almost like a photograph of that day and time.

    I have to say I do like shnookems a lot too but I think you would miss her most of all.

  31. Hi Patty, Thanks for your comments. Shnookems sez thanks, too. We lovelovelove the new turquoise (oribe) glaze too; it sparkles in the sunlight. Your name is entered.

  32. I never named a favorite….it’s Handmade Hand Thrown Large Stoneware Pottery Mug in Green and Gold Glaze by ellisonbaypottery on Etsy..I can “feel” it from here!

  33. I’m not sure if you make these, but I’ve always wanted a ceramic butter keeper. My grandmother had one of those when I was a kid, and lately I’ve been wanting one in my kitchen as well. 🙂

    Hope you and John are doing well…much love from Chicago! 🙂

  34. Hey, Thanks for your Comment Mel…we make covered dishes that are good for butter, we call them butter crocks. I’ll get some images up on FB and this blog, and Etsy so you can see. And your name is on the list. Stay warm.

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