Mug Winners!

Small Tavel Mug in dolomite and iron glaze

Congratulations to Sara Hemm and Grainne Martin–they are the lucky winners of a small travel mug, seen on the right.  The glaze tho will be different, a surprise for them!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share with are some details.

Sara told us:

I love the wine goblets :)

and Grainne shared this:

“I think you should do some things for gardens (either with your lovely green and blue glazes or pitfired), such as 12-15″ building structures with windows and/or doors, with or without roofs, in groupings. I got this idea from seeing John’s exciting new sculpture pieces.

My favorite piece from you all is a small paddled teabowl-sized pot that Diane handbuilt, textured, and then pitfired. I hold that thing whenever I walk past it in our living room. It’s such a strong little pot. Thanks for it!”

The other great suggestions included:

Cheese Thrones (two people mentioned this), tea-sets for granddaughters, tiles (landscape), and noodle bowls with a groove on top for chopsticks in warm colors.

These are the products mentioned—

Handless cups–the hands-down favorite




Butter Crocks


Serving Dishes

Soup Mugs



Butter Throne


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