What Do You People Do in Door County All Winter?

Most people have lives and work that don’t change due to a ‘season’, like we do here in Door County.

Seasonal jobs are actually the majority, like housekeepers

We live and work in an arts destination area.  It’s a great life and we are happy to be here, enjoying the natural beauty and quality of life.

We get questions, and some are, well, silly.  Why doesn’t the sun set in the east, only the west. (Like all physical laws cease to exist here.)  Or, is it true that Door County is a park and everyone is kicked off at the end of the season.  One of the most frequent questions is “What do you people do up here in the winter?”

I can tell you first what we don’t do.  We don’t all carry our bags of money to the bank on the way to a tropical island where we relax and luxuriate for 6 months.  Artists and craftspeople must continue to make their products and build up inventory.  Motels, condos, bed & breakfasts and restaurants have remodeling or renovations, repairs to make.  Many of us are open all year. Many have to travel to sell their work.

My answer is, ‘What do you do all winter?  We do the same.”  We have meetings, school events, basketball games to attend.  We go to work each and every day, making our art.  We make our art every day, week and month of each year.  There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is.

Of course, many can and do take vacations.  Some do it in late winter, to avoid the ucky weather. which also happens to be our school’s spring break.  Some leave earlier.  Most do not travel during the season.

But really?  What do we do up here?

Ok.  Fine.

We have ice berg races.


2 thoughts on “What Do You People Do in Door County All Winter?

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  2. I thank you, and all of the Door County residents, for all the work that makes D.Co. a wonderful place to visit or stay! The winter is a wonderful, peaceful time in Door County – more people (but not too many) should realize what a relaxing and peaceful time it is. Cross country skiing is certainly enjoyable too! Look forward to seeing you next time!

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