Gills Rock Stoneware – Fire January 23, 2011

Ellison Bay Door County WI

Gills Rock Stoneware potters Thor and Judy are all right, but their dog, Jackson, died of smoke inhalation.

They’ve got a place to stay, right across the street (Newport House girls, Jan and Carol) and alot of work ahead of them.

Seems, right now,  UPDATE that there may have been a gas leak-the fire broke out near the stove it is presumed an electrical fire related to the refrigerator.  So the damage to the house: smoke damage and the gaping hole created by the fire fighters on both the first and second floor.  More information here: an article in the Peninsula Pulse

There is already a movement amongst Ellison Bay residents and their friends to cover that hole. UPDATE : Great Northern Design stepped up to begin the process.

They are safe, but their home and business is now in peril.

And, sadly, this is a historic building in Ellison Bay, one that the Thoresons respected and loved and nurtured.

We will all stand by them as they negotiate this unexpected event.


A facebook page was established for Judy and Thor’s friends to stay in touch, keep up with info and share support:

Gills Rock Stoneware


3 thoughts on “Gills Rock Stoneware – Fire January 23, 2011

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  2. Although this is not pottery related, it does relate to this post about our fellow potters and dear friends Thor and Judy Thoreson’s fire. Theirs was an electrical fire, not related to refrigerators. It’s a good reminder to us all to check our appliances. Thanks Kristin, for the information.

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