Watch John trim a small covered dish.

When I started filming this, I saw John’s hands holding the tool in a new way.  I’m used to watching him work, but I haven’t lost my fascination with his hands.

The way he holds the trimming tool, loosely yet with authority.  The sensitivity his fingertips have to the thickness of the clay as he trims little bit by little bit, as he presses down to feel the give of the clay.  It’s almost magic.

But it’s not.  It’s experience.  Practice.  It’s driven by the passion to make objects to be used by people daily.  Made by hand.

In these times, there aren’t many people who work that way, using their hands to make someone else’s life better.  Potters are artists, artisans, craftspeople, workers.  They are like the housekeepers, cooks, maintenance people who do the work that makes all of our lives better.  Whether a person creates something or fixes something or maintains something, they are all working for another’s welfare.

It’s nice to be one of the working class.


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