American Craft Magazine | Views of the Potter’s Life

American Craft Magazine | Views of the Potter’s Life.

I want to know, always, how it is to be someone else.  Is their life very different from mine?  Are they more organized?  Does everything they do inform their art or craft?  How mundane is the life of an artist or writer?

When people ask John where he gets his ideas and does he ever run out? he responds by saying there isn’t enough time in the day to explore each one of his ideas.  Isn’t that true of all of us, when we stop to think about our lives and stop comparing ourselves to others?

I think the hard part is believing we are creative humans, that we are always thinking creatively, solving problems using our creativity.  We think we have to be good at only one thing: Painting.  And if that isn’t the case, we are pathetically un-artistic.

How is that possible that everyone who comes into our gallery believes they don’t have an artistic bone in their body.  That’s sad.






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