Movie Monday: Throwing Off The Hump

Throwing off the hump is not about Wednesdays, camels nor is it X Rated.

It’s a pottery process and one that is commonly used by production potters. It was perfected by Japanese potters and I’m sure many other potters with centuries long traditions in clay.

So, what’s the difference?

Potters wedge a lump of clay for each item they will make on the wheel: twelve lumps=twelve mugs. Throwing off the hump is just another way for the production potter to throw a series of the same item quickly.

But, why?

It’s fun, and fast to make a series of small items. I want to point out that the fun of throwing should not be lost under the weight of production.

John saw a Japanese potter throw off the hump and decided he would learn how to do it.

“People do this everyday and I can too.”


6 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Throwing Off The Hump

  1. Thanks for your comments. It’s true that we are a good team, it’s something we work at daily. Couples who work together must, I think. We can’t think of anything else to do!

  2. Came to watch throwing off the hump but I really love your slip technique and trimming setup too. Thanks

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