Movie Monday: Throwing a Wine Cooler Demonstration

How would you feel if you had to work with people staring at you?

Ask John.  With an open studio he has learned to throw all sorts of pottery with people asking every question imaginable. Every mistake he makes, he makes in front of people.  Ahhh, those teachable moments.

What is it they say about mistakes?  That it’s the only way to learn?

It’s turned out, it may be a really good way to teach, too.  People will tell John he makes it look so easy, throwing on a potter’s wheel.  It isn’t easy.  It’s hard and you have to pay attention.  You have to work had at it to make it look easy.  But, when John makes a mistake, he helps those who yearn to learn see that it’s always a work in progress.

Imagine explaining to your customers all day what you are doing and why.

We love getting and answering these questions, even the inevitable one about ‘Ghost’. Imagine being given one opportunity after another to share your passion for your life’s work and to educate your customer.  It’s a nice gig.


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