Breaking Out of our Own Box – Jumping out of Our Own Rut



We’re all in one.

We work hard, too, to get there.

When we start out we work hard to get established.  Then to maintain our momentum.

One day, we realize we miss the thrill and fear of the unknown.  The excitement we felt.  The sleepless nights. The pride of accomplishment.

The chance to nudge us into trying something different can’t be passed up.  That’s why this year at the


Door County Potters Guild 2011 Pottery Tour,  we will jointly jump off that legendary ledge.  Hours: Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8 from 10-5 each day.

We’ll be demonstrating our collaboration process as we create a sculpture in clay destined to be pit fired.

Can’t be more specific than that, but you can see my work on top to the left and John’s to the right and let your imagination run wild

We certainly have.

Door County Potter’s Guild website has a link to the brochure which you can download and print.  Or stop in at any one of our galleries to get one.

Facebook Event link

Door County Potter’s Guild link:

Ellison Bay Arts Spring Art Crawl

Etsy link:

Blog post on Inside/Outside


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