You Owe Your Mom Big. Time.

What are you going to give your Mom this year?

Another lame-o card? Flowers that wilt in three days? A sweater in her least favorite color and size?  Or, like my family did for me one year: a new appliance.

That’s right.  They bought me a toaster.  The old one was on its last element so of course it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  What do you think I said?

“Thanks, that’s so thoughtful.”

You’re right!

They owe me.   Big. Time.

I’ve got the perfect solution for YOU.

Get yourself to the North Shore Unitarian’s 42nd Art Fair this weekend where you will find John (booth # D-10).  You’ve got just enough time.

He will have the best selection of fresh and contemporary pottery from Ellison Bay Pottery chosen  especially for this show and YOUR MOM.

What if YOU are the Mom?

That’s where your secret Mom skills come into play.  You know what I’m talking about.

This post card has directions to the show AND  one free entry for the art raffle.  Print as many as you need.

We made a video gallery tour the other day.   He’ll have most of these with him this weekend.


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