Collaboration – There’s much hidden that’s being revealed


Today is the day we begin laying out the different scenarios on the board.

I spray painted the huge piece of wood a matte gold.  It’s cured now, so the next step for today is to paint the edges or sides a deep oxblood red.  The ‘OR’ is important, since this is all in process and each step, no matter how small, must be discussed.

I wonder how it is for writers who collaborate.

Is the struggle the same? Do they fight for their idea? Their vision? Their feelings on each item, each element.  Earlier I had decided that the ‘trees’ should be a certain color, because that was what I saw. John changed that.  I wasn’t here to treat my pieces (I have a part-time job and so off I went) so I told John what I wanted. He ‘saw’ things differently.  The result? I needed several days to ‘see’ the image differently.

Saturday we will be working in the gallery, using our adhesives, our brains and hearts to move this installation, this table top sculpture to completion.

There is another decision to make: What kind of glue will work the best for which elements. I don’t know and will defer to John. I have some strong ideas about disappearing the glue, so that the glue globs aren’t a distraction to the viewer. I know I’ve mentioned these ideas to John.

Most interesting will be how our interaction will change when we do this in front of people.

I think I may be more diplomatic.  I think John may change also.  I can’t wait to see.

For many years we’ve worked together on projects.  We worked on an installation for a show for instance.

Lately our collaborations have been me doing stuff to vases John threw.

We are jumping off that cliff and going to go head on into something we’ve never done before.

As we make our plans and begin we’ll take photos and share our sketches, if indeed we have any.

The best part is we’ll be doing this during the Door County Potter’s Guild tour May 7 and 8 and Ellison Bay Arts Spring Art Crawl May 21,22.

There will be the video camera recording.  Now that might be more interesting.  Me, working the camera with clay on my hands.


A few images of some of what we’ve been working on:





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