2011 Rock Series: Dolomite @ The Hardy ‘Collection Invitational and Collector’s Choice Benefit Exhibit

2011 Rock Series: Dolomite

John talks about this new body of work:

“New directions in my work rarely happen by design, it seems. When I look back, though, I see the micro-adjustments I had been making, the risks I had been taking and the questions I was asking. One day at the wheel I decided to alter the shape of the vase I was working on. I was looking for a flatter plane, a different edge. I waited until the pot was at the point when I could push on the surface.  The result was my first ‘Rock’ vase. This first moment led to larger and smaller vessels. It led to fewer edges, more edges, sharper edges, more subtle edges. It lead to a different brush stroke and to variations in my glazing decisions.

These ‘Rock’ vessels, I learned as I explored my responses to this process, tie in deeply to my connection to my property in particular and Door County in general.  Rocks and stones play a part in our daily lives and could teach us something if we took the time to listen. The fact that Door County was scraped clean by a glacier, that it is part of a unique geological feature – the Niagara Escarpment and that there is no other place on earth like this place gives me shivers each time I pause to reflect on my work here.”

2011 Collection Invitational & Collectors Choice Benefit

Saturday, July 16 through Sunday, August 28
Opening Reception: Friday, July 15, 5:30 – 7pm

This exhibit features works of art by professional regional artists. Visitors to the gallery will see the exhibit as an excellent opportunity to see a vast selection of work by many of our area’s finest artists, and art collectors will have a unique opportunity to add a distinctive piece to a personal collection. Funds raised from this annual event support the educational mission of the non-profit Hardy Gallery.


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