2012 Fund Raising Projects: March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

Turquoise Mugs

Turquoise Mugs

Our 2012 Fund Raising Project is going well. January was Kidney Cancer Association and February was the American Heart Association: Women’s Heart Health: Wear Red-Buy Red and we did well raising some funds for both organizations although fewer people are around Door County during these months. Our February Open House was well attended and everyone, I mean everyone wore RED!

March we will be RAISING GREEN for Traumatic Brain Injury month and the organization we will be raising money for is the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin. We have three art shows and one Open House this month plus 2 firings at the beginning week so our gallery is filling up with new and exciting pottery.

A little back story about our choices:

Each one of our Fund Raising Events touches us personally because it has touched someone we love. January was my Mom’s birthday month and Renal Cell Cancer was her final disease. February speaks of love and the heart and both John and I have women in our lives with heart disease. March is Traumatic Brain Injury month and last year we became fast experts in this injury when one of our adult children was involved in a pedestrian/vehicle hit and run.

The rest of the year is almost organized but here are the ones we are committed to:

  • April: Reduce Stress and Enjoy Ourselves More Month
  • May: National Arthritis Awareness
  • June:National Men’s Health
  • July: American Red Cross
  • August:
  • September: Leukemia, Lymphoma And Myeloma Awareness Month
  • October: Spina Bifida Awareness
  • November: Northern Door Food Bank
  • December: Adopt a Family in Door County

We’ll be posting more updates about our 2012 Fund Raising Project.


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