April Firing and You get a Preview, FIRST!

We opened the kiln Monday afternoon and it was cold and windy so we moved the pottery into the studio fast. We were happy with the colors and only had a few ‘oops’ moments.

Chip and Dips $97

Butter Crocks $40

Casserole $97

Mug: John’s new fave

New Vases: style, shape and multiple glazes.

(the far right is gone already)

Small Red: $60 Taller $120

John was very happy.

Turquoise Platter $320

Cooper Red and Blue Platter $320

Cobalt Blue and Chrome Green Platter $320

And here are the Ikebanas for 2012

Stealth Black with Bronze Ikebana $55

BN Clay Ikebana $55

Turquoise Ikebana $55

Anagama and Blue $55

Dolomite Ikebana $55

There are more so ask I will send the images to you.

I finished new ‘Secret Windows’

Wetlands $48

‘Autumn’ $48

‘Abandoned Orchard’

And finally, the large bowl we are absolutely in love with.

Large Bowl with Anagama and Blue Glaze $320

The glaze is John’s own recipe.

Look at that liquid quality of the glaze. When the temps reach 2450F it’s time to turn off the kiln and then the glaze, which was boiling and runny is frozen in time.

Captured for us to enjoy forever.


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