Spring 2012 Pottery Gift Guide

It’s National Stress Awareness Month!
Are you stressing over gift buying?
You could do this:

Or This:

And then:
We’ll help you find THE gift whether it’s for:

You want to give something they will use and love every day.
Something that they can’t get anywhere else and will stand the test of time.
Something beautiful AND easy to use and care for.
Here are some ideas. Find more on at our Etsy store.
Father’s Day, Birthday or new Graduate Mugs:
(l-r) Travel Mug (FAgreen $40) Large Mug (DO$52) Espresso (ANSblue $26.50)
Small Dish (ANblue (-just one of these-) $34)
Birthday or Mother’s Day bowls or vases for her:
10″ Medium Bowl (FAgreen $77)
(l to r)10″ ‘Bottle’ (Cblue $100 SOLD); 15″ ‘Flared #1‘ (Multi-glazed$360); 12″ ‘Flare #2‘ (Multi-glazed $160)
15″ Large Bowl (ANSblue $320)

Weddings and Bridal Showers:

             (l to r) Goblets for them (SMblue $40 each); 11×6.5″  Tray (SMblue $84); 6″ Vase (SMblue $60);                         4″ Candleholders for the wedding party (SMblue $36/pair); 10″ Med. Bowl (SMblue $77)

Casseroles filled with a hot dish welcome the new family. We include a few of our favorite recipes.

8 cup Casserole (GR $97)

Chip and dip bowls for a housewarming. Fill it with a veggie dip and include a recipe, or two. We’ll share ours with you.

11″ Chip and Dip Bowl (ANblue $97)

This is the time to buy: We have many choices for you and we’ll help you find the best gift.
This is also the time to place that special order. We can get it made and
shipped to you, or them if you wish, faster in the Spring.
Let our expert pottery specialists (That’s US! John and Diane) help you solve your gift giving dilemmas!
Call or email us, it’s that easy. (920-854-5049 or 920-740-5859)

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