Dog Days of Summer

What’s up and going down at EBP this summer?

For the first time ever, we are closed one day a week and since John is the senior member here, he chose Sundays. We’ve always believed that we should take advantage of the busy times of the season by being open all the time and I thought this would be too hard for us to do. I was wrong!  So, that’s one change around here. Another is that we are cutting back on the number of art shows we do in the off season and instead increase our presence online. There are a few shows we are still committed to: Hilldale in March, Monument Square and Olde Ellison Bay Days in June and Art in the Park in July. We just have fun and get to see friends and it does pay off, which is the whole point of it, isn’t it.

We’ve also been enjoying our summer a bit more. Beach evenings with our dogs and granddaughter, our fire-pit and marshmallows, grilling every night and eating at the picnic table (mosquitoes permitting), tennis every Monday morning for John and reading in the shade for Diane. It’s not easy for us hard driving potters here, but we are learning new ropes.

The hot humid days have been perfect for making pottery. Our solar drier has been working overtime and the humidity has made construction and adding parts easier and more successful. We’ve learned to pace ourselves and to sleep with the fan on HI.

What inspires us? The smallest things and the largest feelings. Everything. Paying attention to our surroundings, to how Door County was made, the connections to the past and the possibilities of the future. Rocks. Clouds. Our garden. Walks with the dogs. The aurora borealis. A fresh breeze after a sweltering day. A kiln load of beautiful pottery and the urge to do it again, NOW!

And you. We make our funtional pottery for you to use. Pottery is personal and it comes from our heart and soul through our hands to you. We make our art because we have to. We are grateful that there are people in the world, you, who love it as much as we do. Thanks 🙂

We even bought AC for the gallery! That was a big step. All these years we depended on the natural air conditioning that is Northern Door County. This is the 3rd year (maybe) of extremes in temps and humidity and our gallery does not cool off in the afternoon. The sun beats into the windows on the south and west sides and by 2:30p it is an oven. We are super happy with the AC and it’s paid off with happier workers, too.

We actually have a part-time employee this year. Shelby, a high school student at our local school, has been a great help to us this year. Not only does she sweep and weed (I know–awesome) but she’s an artist and we’ve been enjoying her learning in the studio. We’ve also hired a few Chinese girls who are fully employed at another local business for some part-time work around here. So, John and I are getting spoiled.

We are about to glaze and fire next week. John had to use the large gas kiln to fire all the pots for the bisque. That’s alot! We have been very productive this summer. I’ve been working on a few new projects and John has been developing new decorations, glazes and glaze applications. Each firing has something (or many somethings) new in it each time.

A sad note: Our fluffy kitty, Shnookems, went out one afternoon and never returned. We have a fantasy that someone snatched her and took her to a different home, where she is safe, healthy and happy. Shnookems greeted all our customers at the door  and loved all the attention she got from everyone. We miss her funny little voice and even all the hair she left around the place.

And the Best News Ever! Our daughter, the National Guard soldier, deployed since early this year, will be returning in September. We are taking a day off to meet her and get her to her home in Minneapolis. Just a few more weeks.

So, that’s about it for the newsy news.  Thanks for reading.


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