Ellison Bay Pottery October Newsletter and Ellison Bay Arts 2012 Fall Art Crawl Invitation


Welcome to our October Newsletter. We’ve been happily busy making pottery and enjoying the extended fall weather. We’ve been taking advantage of our solar drier which really speeds up our production and it gets us outside more often. Believe it or not, there are still some trees with their colorful leaves hanging on.

We’ve been delaying having a pit firing because of the drought in Door County but we took a chance and planned one for next week’s Art Crawl. This weekend it’s been raining – so the firing is ON. Whew. There’s so much potting going on and so many photos to share, so I’ll get right to it.



This year’s Ellison Bay Arts Crawl will feature our Pit Fire Bonfire Party Saturday from 5-7pm. Hot Door County Apple Cider and cookies will sustain you as you watch us decorate pots then load them into the pit and build that bonfire over them.  As if that’s not enough fun, Sunday at noon we’ll have a Grand Opening and celebrate with coffee for everyone when we open the pit to see all the artful treasures we’ve been working on for weeks. Go HERE to read about how we got swept up in pit firing and HERE to learn more about the pit firing process at Ellison Bay Pottery

The Ellison Bay Art Fall Crawl is our biggest event of the year and includes these fine galleries and schools:  Clay Bay Pottery, Linden Gallery, Cousin’s Walk, Turtle Ridge Gallery, Savory Spoon Cooking School and Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese, Newport House Gallery, Gills Rock Stoneware, The Clearing Folk School.

NEW this year: We will all be open until 7:00 pm on Saturday, so be sure to put that on your calendar.  

NEW POTS in the Gallery for the Art Crawl

We’ll have the 2012 Christmas Ornaments, new vases, mugs, cups, bowls and candleholders. The ornaments have new colors and a minimal decorations. Each year I make a small series of ornaments in one style and then retire that design so when they are gone, they’re gone.

Current Work

John has been exploring a shape which he calls his’ Rock Series’ for three years now. Each year he digs deeper into the shape and the glazes. This year he’s tested and approved a few new glazes and also experimented with multi-glazes with exciting results. I wonder where this will take him.

These are new shapes for our next Pit Firing next week for the Art Crawl.

I’ve gone deeper into my ‘Bird Houses’, or should I say higher. I’m loving the view I see when I walk into our studio while these are drying. John told me just the other day they looked like geishas with their heads bent, walking in a single file. I’m working on a few for the next pit firing.

HOLIDAY ORDERS—Place them now for Christmas Delivery

This is THE time to place those special orders for your Holiday gift giving, or to add a bit of artistic jazz to your table or home this year. Here are some suggestions:



Vegas Red, Everybody’s Favorite Blue, Dolomite



Candleholders with the hand-dipped mulitcolored candles. Yes, the candles are BACK!

Covered Butter Crocks (great for hot dip, too. oh and dog treats, or human 🙂

Yunomi or Japanese Tea Bowl–tea, wine, ice cream, coffee, orange juice


Pitcher Lineup


Chip and Dips

New Website – It’s Coming! (fingers crossed) SOON!

I am jumping into designing our new website so all your ordering and shopping can happen right there! I sure wish I had a consultant or two. This is taking up so much of my studio time, where I happen to know a little bit more about what I’m doing. 🙂


2012 Calendar

Oct. 20, 21

Ellison Bay Arts Fall Art Crawl

Nov. 25, 26, 27

Ellison Bay Arts Holiday Open House

2012 HOURS

10-5 daily, closed Sundays until Dec. 31.

2013 HOURS

Winter: Jan 2 to April 30

11-4 daily, closed Sundays and some weekends. Call ahead.

Summer: May 1 to Dec. 31

10-5 daily, closed Sundays

That’s about it for now. We do appreciate your support and interest in our little pottery.


John and Diane


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