Gestating Ideas

ImageThere is a certain uneasiness, a kind of restlessness, the need to make visible the thoughts, feelings, ideas that takes over when I’ve spent too much time on the business side of life that is starting to make finishing my year-end paperwork very difficult. Almost impossible.

Then, add to that the glazing we’ll be doing for the last firing of the year. I have not one piece in this firing that is recent. Old stuff that is waiting for a spot in the kiln is dusty and I’ve forgotten all about it, a sign it wasn’t really close to my heart. I just don’t care.

So there is a melancholy coloring today’s energy. I’m happy and ready to get this glazing done and the pots out into the world. I’m sad I haven’t got anything in this one.

Ideas need time to become concrete enough to visualize, solid enough to manipulate, real enough to work with. There is not one idea that’s ready for prime time, but the drive and desire to finish something and fire it pushes hard at me…applying unwanted pressure. I know there is a pace, a process, an inner calendar, that must be honored. Still, I’m feeling a little left out.


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