Make Pottery Personal – Tips for Giving Pottery as a Gift

Enjoy discovering all the ways YOU can make our unique handmade pieces of functional art express YOU.

Why do we make pottery? Two reasons:

  1. You: Without you, there is no one to fall in love with or use the pots we have a passion for making. 
  2. Us: We love making beautiful pottery, it’s in the doing that makes us happy.

The circle of creation needs both of us. It’s like any relationship, a yin and yang sort of thing, it takes two. 

We’ve put together some suggestions for you to help make that gift of pottery even more personal, more from your heart, so that circle is complete as well.

Need some help? Call us at 920-854-5049.

Handthrown vases and bowl

Three Vases and Bowl

What’s better than a beautiful vase by Ellison Bay Pottery? A beautiful vase with a flower arrangement especially designed for it as a Valentines Day gift. The flowers will fade but the memory of that extra special effort will live on each time that vase comes into view. Flowers make your environment serene and that vase keeps the goodness going.

  • Bring the vase to the florist and have their floral arranger do their magic.
  • Bring the vase to the florist and you have a go at picking out the flowers you both like. Make it even more personal.
pottery goblet pottery wine cooler

Handmade goblet and wine cooler

Wining and dining your loved one, whether they are your life partner, a sibling or two, parents or your best friend since fourth grade, can be easier with the right elements, and handmade anything just makes the day more.

Stoneware soup mug

Pottery Soup Mug

On a cold winter night a soup mug full of 1. Beef Barley Soup or 2. Spicy White Chicken Chili will warm your bones. BUT! Have you thought of microwaving 3. Hot Oatmeal for breakfast in one of our soup mugs? Make the whole recipe or just enough for you the night before and zap it in the microwave while the coffee maker percolates away. You’ll have time to sit down to a healthy and hearty breakfast. The cleanup is easy, too. All the pottery we make is dishwasher safe. Pottery holds the heat longer so each bite is perfect. Why not make every day special by using handmade pottery from Ellison Bay Pottery. Bundle these soup mugs with gourmet soup recipes or steel cut oats and surprise them one day. SHOP ETSY

handthrown teabowl

Yunomi or tea bowl

Pottery word for the day: Yunomi, a Japanese word for an every day tea bowl. Yes, it gets too hot to hold, but the saying goes: If it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot to drink.  Imagine hugging this tea bowl close early on a weekend morning with either tea or coffee, filling it with just the right amount of ice cream after lunch. Or making a hot cup of chamomile tea (brewing guide here) before bedtime. Include some of their favorite teas in a pretty bag and a couple beautiful tea bowls for some tea for two. SHOP ETSY


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