100 Bowl Project

We are excited to announce our

100 Bowl Project

Exhibit Saturday, August 24, 2013 4:00p-7:00p

Why do something like this? Why set this goal of throwing and decorating 100 new bowls in the beginning of the season as we are increasing our production in the studio to prepare for the busy summer season in Door County?

If an artist doesn’t change, he dies. The ideas become flat. The colors fade. The shapes just sit there.

There are many things a potter can do to expand the language of clay. Use a new tool. Develop a new glaze. Introduce a new product. Read books and watch videos. Or set a challenge before them, a challenge that’s possible. Just.

Centering the stoneware clay before throwing a piece of pottery.

Centering Clay

A challenge that will force a change by giving the artist the time and place to go beyond what they know, or think they know. It’s a pretty scary and exciting thing to think about, talk about, plan for and decide. But it’s even more crazywildfun to tell everyone about it.

I can imagine 100 Bowls in our gallery.

Shelves, tables, stands, walls full of 100 Bowls.

Not one of them with our signature designs on them.

They’d start out the same. The same weight. The same clay. The same potter. The same studio.

Then, 100 bowls thrown, stretched, bent, curved, pierced, added to, subtracted from.

Both of us, working together, collaborating, talking, and all recorded on

100 Bowls

Potter's tools

The 100 Bowl Exhibit is planned for August 24 from 4pm to 7pm.



4 thoughts on “100 Bowl Project

  1. What a great idea and a marvelous challenge! Just as the seasons change we too must be willing to explore and see what is still within us waiting to be discovered. May the clay muse be with you both through this season of discovery! I will try to be there in August!

  2. Hey! We’ve just participated in the same kind of project with our local art school. We donated 3 of our bowls this year. It’s so cool to hear about that one, too. Thanks.

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