It’s Our 39th Year: Mug-O-Rama and 100 Bowl Project

It’s time to shake things up in Ellison Bay.

DSCN4815It’s the foot and the wavy irregular shape that’s got my attention here.

First Challenge:

100 Mugs

revealed at the

Door County Potter’s Guild Tour

May 4 and 5, 2013

DSCN4813Just thrown 2/22. Handles tomorrow.

Just not the usual new mugs, though. Oh, no. We’ve been plotting plans and instituting ideas. John has been itching to make new NEW shapes and exploring new surface treatments and I’ve got new tools to use so we will be collaborating on all of these mugs. And we’re promising that all these mugs will be revealed during the Potter’s Guild Tour in early May. All 100 of them. We’ll put them on the blog here so those of you who can’t make it can buy these one-of-a-kind, one-off, special 2013 mugs that celebrate our 39th year here in Ellison Bay.

DSCN4814There are 12 mugs on this board drying.

Check out the wavy bottom or foot of this mug and the lines and gentle bumps on this mug, just drying here on a ware-board. We’ve got some more magic to work on these sweeties, as they are just dried clay.

Remember, the reveal is May 4th and May 5th.

John bought this old apple packing barn in the fall of 1974. He spent that winter insulating the barn and cross-country skiing. When the studio was finally warm enough to work in he could get back into potting. He was on a grand adventure but he remembers it as being less of an adventure and more of a lot of work! No complaining from him, though, because he was fulfilling a closely held dream, to have a pottery studio and gallery and home all in one place.

It’s time to look at what we do with fresh eyes. Question everything we do. Remember what it was we wanted to do all those years ago. Re-live some dreams. Get a move on. Shake things up. It’s too easy to coast and glide on what works. As we get closer to our 40th year, we thought this would be like a new beginning, like starting over, full of the promise of the years ahead. Possibilities.

 We’re on a quest together, John and I. This sends shivers up and down my spine.


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