The Art of Creating~The Art of Learning~The Art of Cooking~The Art of Living Well


In Ellison Bay we trip over all the artists who live and work here. And then, because we have two schools (a food school and a folk arts school) it’s like we’re a magnet to creatives. You are probably one, so come on up and see all of us May 18 and 19.

Our next big event is the Ellison Bay Arts Spring Art Crawl which we’re calling the ‘Birds and the Bees’, for obvious reasons: It’s Spring, of course. (What did you think we were referring to?)

After the last big event, our Door County Potter’s Guild Tour, we’re all set up, have tons and tons of new and beautiful pottery, the display is neat, the shelves are dusted and the yard is pulling together.

It should be a great time for all and we hope you make it.

The sad news is, well, not sad at all. The news is that we won’t be here. That’s right, we’re going to Minneapolis to attend the law school graduation of our 3rd child. So, enjoy the fun, the cider the art and the whole weekend, and we hope to see you here, again, soon.

Ellison Bay Arts


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