Glaze Sprayer Japanese Pottery Tools


Japanese Glaze Sprayer

Glaze Sprayer L – Japanese Pottery Tools.

Tools could be the number one obsession here.  We’re always on the hunt for something interesting. Not having the space in our studio for a full sized spray booth, this looked like it would be a useful and do-able solution.

Anyone have any experience with these?


4 thoughts on “Glaze Sprayer Japanese Pottery Tools

  1. Hello Diane and John,
    I understand your tool obsession. I’m always looking for interesting items to add to my little clay studio too.
    I recently purchased the Siphon Blower from Clay King (under VanGilder Tools) but it looks like the same model that is pictured here. I’ve only used it a few times so I haven’t mastered it yet but I feel like it was definitely worth the purchase. I don’t think I’d use it to glaze a bunch of pots but it is great for small jobs and special effects that might not be worth getting out an air compressor and everything else. With an actual spray gun you’ll probably get a little more control and a finer “mist” of glaze spray but I think this little Blower is easier to clean and store. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Here’s a picture of some vases that I sprayed with it. They didn’t turn out as interesting as I hoped. But that’s part of the learning I guess. I think I’m going to try some stenciling soon.

  2. Thanks Brandon for your comments about the sprayer and the link to your blog. We love seeing other potter’s pots!

  3. I just ordered the Van Gilder mouth sprayer from Bailey’s and it looks identical in shape and size to the Japanese one that went missing many months ago from the public pottery studio I use. If it is the same, it’s an amazing tool. I used it all the time to glaze specific areas if a pot, vase, bowl, charger, sculptures, etc., with great results. You have a lot of control with this tool–it’s wonderful. We have some Japanese women who work in the studio and one of them has agreed to bring a few back from Japan, but that may no longer be necessary!

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